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St Lucian Sea Moss

Yellow/Purple Sea Moss Selections fresh out of the St. Lucian Waters

Juice Barista

Offering the most natural juices and teas with flavor and benefit

Body & Soul

Nurturing the skin, calming the soul.....Relaxation and rejuvenation for daily reset.
NK Services

Customized and Handmade for You

What we offer: Vegan/Vegetarian Meal Prep & Recycle Your Unused Breastmilk Into Soap

NK Forever Promotion

Spend $40 for $5 off, $80 for $15 off, Spend $100+ for $20 off *Cannot Combine with Other Offers*

Featured Loose Tea: ALOHA tEA
One Sip at a Time..
Select your favorite teas to add to your teapot to start your day or end your night.
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Featured Homeopathic Drops: Black Seed OIl
A Drop or Two Can Be Good for Your Health
Explore Our Homeopathic Drops to Add to Your Health Regimen. Drink Up.
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Bath Accessories

The Tools You Need For A Complete Bath & Shower Experience


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