About Nubian Kettle

Nubian Kettle was founded in July of 2019 by Danika Milton.  

Reveal. Good. Skin. is the slogan for this small, black owned business due to our belief in what goes in your body is a reflection of what we see on the outside. Our motto is "if you cannot eat it, don't put it in your body".  We are sea moss enthusiasts and it shows in our products that we produce.  We are creative in our development of many different products that will deliver both internal and external benefits of sea moss.  (We do have other products, but sea moss is our focus).
Freshness is our mantra.  We believe in making sure that the freshest, purest ingredients are used in handmaking products. 
"We Hand-craft your organic skin and health care products with care for your concerns, and your overall health in mind....
Nubian Kettle is an organic and health and wellness business specializing in natural skin care, while supplying our customers with organic options in food, herbs, and beverages  We base our products on the everyday needs and concerns of any individual that desires to eliminate the guesswork out of building a healthy skin routine and a healthy incorporation of lifestyle changes.
We have many different incentives for the customer such as:
Loyalty Program:  This allows shoppers to be able to accumulate leaves (points) from their purchase.  The accumulation of leaves allows rewards such as percentages off, free items, and more.  You will have to make purchases to reach the points required to obtain certain levels, but it is worth it!
Affiliate Program:  This is a limited, selective program at the moment that we have not yet opened to public, but is staffed consisting of chosen individuals. Each affiliate is given a code that they are assigned to be able to refer Nubian Kettle potential customers.  If the specified/assigned code is used, the Affiliate gets 15% of the sales made in the month directly paid through PayPal.  Pretty easy way to earn extra money and be a big help to a growing business.  This will be available to in application in later time to other potential candidates. 
Patreon:  This is a blog on swole, lol.  We create blog posts talking about everything health and wellness.  These blogs on the website are posted to Patreon as well.  There are some videos that Patreon Subscribers are privy to that are not on the website blog because they are subscribers.  Patreon's are also given levels/tiers based on their monthly contribution. There are 3 different levels of pledges with each level having more benefit and reward perks. The higher the level of pledge, the better the rewards.  A lot of people would like to know information about how to do some of the things NK does in operation and the knowledge that we have pertaining to wellness, health, nutrition, etc....We provide videos for this information.  Highest tiered Patrons receive early or exclusive access to these items. 
All of our products have a purpose and effect.  As a company, it is our goal to match our products to your needs so they can serve the purpose in mind....  the results that you desire for your overall well-being. We have products with all ranges in prices.  Shop for what is best for you. 
We believe in revealing your BEST self. Hydrated and Whole.  The ingredients used in all products are all natural and organic, so in addition, they also restore the missing elements that your body requires to re-balance and promote restoration.
Our products are created with YOU in mind and how to make it easier to incorporate natural practices of skincare and holistic maintenance into your daily routine. What you need matters, and we are here to help you develop your perception of what a healthy lifestyle looks like."
-D. Milton
Nubian Kettle was established in August of 2019 and Copyrighted in November 2021.
Our Company was serviced in our trademark by Trademark Attorney Shepalle Moorehead of Houston, TX.